What happens when you have several wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, 2-way radios, and microwave radios all show up at your big event? If you’re not careful, you can end up with a mess! A news crew should not be broadcasting on your referee microphone channel. Coaches should not be communicating on the same channel your food vendors use. Without proper planning and enforcement, your event can be tainted with poor wireless communications.

Signal Wiz can coordinate your event radio frequency channels so that the media, performers, site vendors, and site management don’t interfere with each other. We’ve been working for years with the NFL, Major League Baseball, Snapdragon Stadium, and college football teams to help make events go smoothly. We’ve assisted with frequency coordination at seven Super Bowls, the NFL Pro Bowl, MLB World Series, and MLB All-Star games.

We communicate with your site, production, and media users, dole out clear channels, and enforce the plan at the event.

We also provide free coordination of Broadcast Auxiliary channels for wireless users at San Diego County sports and political events.

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SBE Certified professional broadcast engineer

I’m an old dog, truth be told. 50 years of broadcasting experience, 45 of it in engineering, but up-to-date with the IT and RF skills necessary to work for you. I’ve retired from contract engineering, but carry on with event frequency coordination services.

I have been an event frequency coordinator for hire since 2012 for the NFL, San Diego’s Snapdragon Stadium, USC, UCLA, and Major League Baseball. I’ve helped coordinate several NFL Super Bowls, NFL Pro Bowls, the MLB World Series, and MLB All-Star games.

I’ve been a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers since 1997 and have played a leadership role in San Diego’s Chapter 36 since the beginning. I served on SBE’s national board of directors from 2012 to 2014. 

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tony mcdaid

experienced broadcast engineer

Tony helps with San Diego frequency coordination events, interacting with radio and TV production crews and monitoring the radio frequency environment.

A native of Northern Ireland, he started in London with engineering and management training from the BBC. In San Diego, he served at KFMB-TV/AM/FM, Qualcomm with their MediaFLO project, iHeartMedia, and now KPBS FM/TV. He’s a certified IT engineer and a thoroughly qualified RF engineer.